Will your great idea become a great company?


We work with entrepreneurs to answer the hard questions:

Who is your customer?


What problem do you solve?

Is it worth solving?

Do you solve it?

How do you know?

What makes you different?

Does it matter?

How do you aquire customers?


How do you make money?


We partner with you to:


Develop and test
customer hypotheses. Pivot as required.


Define a clear path
to reach customer and revenue milestones


Increase attractiveness
of the business to potential investors


Fractional resourcing and
recruitment of key functional positions


We work with you

We use an immersive and collaborative approach with our clients, where we fill functional gaps with relevant domain and industry expertise.

We help you learn

We know that customer learning is crucial to your success. That’s why we work jointly with your team to ensure that customer insights are instilled into your solution and culture.

We use great tools

We’ve combined elements of Lean Start-Up and Designing Thinking with our extensive experience in product management and entrepreneurship to help you establish clear, collaborative and repeatable processes.


"Working with the team at Kinetic we shifted the focus of our messaging from solving a complex mobile internet technology problem, to solving a user engagement problem."

-- Steve Spencer ,co-founder and COO Alef MobiTech

"Kinetic Growth Services have a great pulse on the mindset of Silicon Valley investors. They helped shape our messaging and value proposition in a way that opened doors for potential investment."

-- Thom Damstra ,co-founder and CEO mobilityView

"A simple technique, such as applying the Lean Canvas, provides focus and acceleration to entrepreneurs and allows them to get on with the business of launching a business."

-- Elliot Adams Prof Entrepreneurship Program, Hult Int. Business School

We've done this before

Kinetic's co-founders Allen Billings & Ray DeRenzo are at the forefront of product and market innovation, having brought over 30 products and applications to market in the past 10 years.

We've built a great team

We have assembled a network of domain and industry experts to fill specific functional gaps within client organizations.

We know the right people

We have access to top tier investors and Fortune 500 executive decision makers.

Allen Billings   As an entrepreneur, strategist, and product executive, Allen has developed innovative products for startups all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. Allen co-founded Kinetic because he believes the current startup ecosystem is unnecessarily stacked against entrepreneurs, making it difficult to compete for the resources and partners that are desperately needed to survive and grow. Kinetic is uniquely structured with the sole purpose of building and developing people and processes that convert early stage business concepts into competitive high-growth companies.

Ray DeRenzo   Ray has launched new products and transformed product organizations at companies such as Rovi Corp, MobiTV, Telephia, and Vodafone. He has a passion for the end consumer and a keen focus on the overall user experience. Through his professional career and work as Adjunct Professor at the Hult International Business School, Ray has practiced and refined Lean Startup and Design Thinking techniques. As co-founder of Kinetic, Ray has helped develop a novel business model that attracts talented leaders and resources that would otherwise be difficult for startups to retain.


Please reach out if you could use help accelerating market success, attracting investment, or achieving economic scale.

(Even if we’re not the right partner for you, chances are we can help point you in the right direction.)